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"Watch this Special Deal Announcement..."
(I've made this doodle video "comprehensive" to better illustrate the mammoth value you're getting)
  • Your name on a value giving product (so you build instant credibility in the market without having to do the work upfront)
  • Evergreen topic (our material never goes out of style, so you never have to replace it)
  • Ready made pro marketing materials (no need to spend weeks or months of your life getting your product visible & enticing to buyers)
  • Sell unlimited copies, forever (this is like a real money tree producing as long as you want)
  • Lifetime license (just a small investment once, and you're done)
  • Approved by real users & marketers (so you're confident you're promoting the real thing)
  • No experience necessary (re-sell as is if you like)
Get Your Copy Now
[PLR] Headline Swiss-Knife Method
"Why should you get this PLR Package now?

Because it's that powerful... Did you know that 90% of your Ad results come from your headline, and a winning headline can pull 8 to 15 times more than a losing headline with the same body copy? That's why you would be crazy not to get this package! Use the info to outsell your competition, and re-sell this to thrill your customers, and make more money too!"
Now, it's easier than ever to multiply your money streams... online or offline
Here are 9 Cash-Generating Ideas You Can Immediately Do with this PLR Package
Money Idea 1

Sell 'as-is' for a quick 100% profit.
You get marketing materials like a sales page and FB "viral quotes post" to help you get noticed (so you make money fast). It's in an evergreen topic so you can sell this, even 10 years from now.
Money Idea 2

Brand as your own product.
Re-write, re-structure, re-title and print as your own 'physical' book or digital product. Sell and keep all the profit. Having a your own name on product automatically adds value to your brand.
Money Idea 3

Added offer to your funnel.
Utilize as a one time offer, or a downsell and make more money from an already buying customer. Simply adding 'extra' things to sell in your funnel can double or triple your revenue.
Money Idea 4

Show more love and value.
Use this as a BONUS for your products, or for affiliate offers you are promoting. Bonuses often increase conversions, giving you better results for your investments in marketing.
Money Idea 5

Offline training product.
Re-purpose the content for use in your paid or free offline seminars. Record those seminars, re-package and sell for $70.00, $100.00, $200.00 or even more. Even better, simply doing seminars increases your brand's value.
Money Idea 6

Package or blog content.
Break up content and re-package on another bundle. Or spin-off articles, post to your blog. This adds to your traffic & trust building arsenal. Quality blog posts = authority = "moawr" sales.
Money Idea 7

Membership or coaching content.
Add continued value to your paid membership site or coaching program by including this PLR product to your content roster. Doing so attracts and retains paying members in the long run, making your income more stable.
Money Idea 8

As content for your project.
Split the contents of this PLR content to fill in missing parts of of your existing product. It's a simply way to 'beefen' up your own creation. This is a good way to add value in the product you're already working on.
Money Idea 9

Social media content.
Get snippets of tips and tricks in this PLR course and use them as social media contents. Now, you can be always visible to your fans and followers by simply "copy + pasting" materials from a ready made content.
I want you to know you're getting a done-for-you product that you can bet your name on, so here's...
Proof of this product's quality
"I didnt realise there was such a science to headlines and it really is very powerful. I love the whole ingredient and courses/dishes concept. It's a fun way to learn. I give your product a big thumbs up and I have learnt a lot and gained a lot of value from it."
Leah MustoeWork at Home Mummy
"Dexter goes through not just what to put in every headline but the psychology behind it. Armed with this course you will have all the tools to create profit pulling headlines that put simply, will convert. Really good product."
Jason AtkinsonInternet Marketer

"If there was a black book in headline creation, this would be it."
Ranier AguilarSelf Supporting Student
"This is not only a definitive guide to crafting a powerful headline... Dexter lays out the steps in an easy-to-read format that means you can write kickass headlines almost by the time you finish his course. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced marketer, online or offline, you will find something of value in the Headline Swiss-Knife Method!"
Jan RavelEntrepreneur, Author, Speaker
Here's an Unsolicited Video Review
This is an actual Udemy Course
This course passed under Udemy's review. This attests to the products quality control.

* we are not directly endorsed by Udemy

First, let me tell you why this course is called "Headline Swiss-Knife Method"...

We all know what a Swiss Army Knife is, right? It lets you cut through things, fix things, and get results. Well, what if there was a Headline Creation method that worked as well as that knife? Wouldn’t such a tool be worth its weight in gold? Given how important headlines are in making sales?

Isn’t that a valuable tool your customers would want in their toolbox? Whatever niche they may be in? Yes... even graphics people, tee shirt dudes, and video guys could use this freakin' marketing psychology crash course. It's alarming! Using this Headline Creation Tool is like having a Swiss Army Knife – it lets you cut through deadlines, stress and worry, and generate smoking hot headlines without paying a high priced copywriter!

And to make things even better... I'm giving away PLR rights so you can make your money back by reselling... even earn more... so you come back and buy more stuff from me :) BUT please understand... this is NOT just another PLR product. This is my actual Udemy Course. It's "quality" bruh!

Now, enough with the boring stuff... let's move on to something a lil' more exciting...

My wife thought I was going crazy when I told her...
"I'm going to give YOU the power to make money from one of my most highly prized intellectual properties --- my very own money making machine"
From the desk of:

Dexter Paglinawan
that long-haired work-at-home dad
from way up high Philippines' City of Pines
Dear Friend,

Are you still struggling to make money online?

Let me save you lost time, energy and money right now... by telling you a very important secret about "earning a living" in the business world I wish I knew 5 years earlier...

"If you want to be in the position to start making 'job replacement' or 'dream building' income starting today... having your own product is one proven road you can't contest with."

It's a proven fact - just look at the gurus and you'll see 9 out of 10 have their own products, generating cash day in and day out.
But Here's Where the Problem Comes In...
Most often than not, it takes time, expertise, money and a lot of effort to create your own product... especially if you're starting from scratch.
After years of trial and error I finally realized the obvious truth...

"If you want to have your own product (ready for sale to make you money) ---
quickly, economicaly and hassle free, then using PLR licensed product is the way to go."

(You'd be surprised as to how many big-time internet marketers actually started with PLR products... even my IM coach 7-figure earner Alex Jeffreys)

And at this very moment, you're in luck... because you've stumbled upon one of the best PLR products you can re-brand, slap your name, or sell as-is and make money from today...
"This is Not Your Grandpa's PLR Product"
Unlike other PLR products you see out there...
...this is not something that was "outsourced" to a ghostwriter living in a secluded basement.

What you get in this course are "real world" principles I used to help my clients attract hundreds-to-thousands of people to seminars, and move volume of products, too.

This was actually meant to be one of my signature products.

But given that it's the 7th year anniversary since I learned about "salesmanship in print" (a.k.a. copywriting)...

I thought why not give you an added "high value benefit" ... thus, the PLR license you're getting today.
(I've been a part of the Philippine's #1 Success Coach's team as in-house copywriter. That's me having a good time with the audience attending our "info-product" events. .)
Now, one important thing you must understand...
Headline creation has a wider, longer-lasting
potential market
than other* PLR topics...
Headline creation is bigger than Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, reddit, Linkedin... or any social media marketing related PLRs in the long run.

This is because these social media channels change a lot, you buy a PLR product today, and after a year or so, they become outdated... making them 'obsolete' and useless.


Headline creation could even serve those people who consumes list building, traffic generation, email marketing, or any marketing related PLRs...

It just can't be denied:
Every business owner, graphics designer, video maker, salesman or...
Anybody working in any form of marketing ought to know how to create headlines... and thousands from that group need you to sell this product to them
Even the masters agree... the world needs you to offer this product...
"These are the reasons why you invest on Headline Swiss-Knife Method... not just because of the PLR license, but also because of the important marketing skill and sales psychology you get from it."

Cool, huh?

So, without further ado, let me introduce to you...
Amazing Stuff You Get from
This Awesome PLR Package...
"A True Done-for-You Business"
Component 1 - $ 900.00 Value
11 Part Action Oriented Video Series with PLR
Videos are great medium of instruction - making them highly sought out by your possible clients. By design, you have in your hands an 'offer' that sells itself to clients.

I divided the videos into easy to digest chunks, and laid them out on a clean looking members' page (which you can setup easily, for re-selling purposes).

There are eleven videos in all, over 60mins total playing time - enough so that clients who buy from you are satisfied. You can set-up the videos as downloadable so you or your clients can watch them at a good time, even offline.

Now, you can tell your prospective buyers that "going thru the course is easier" - this is because the more your clients can take action from your product, the more likely they are to produce good results... in return making you a credible character in the market place.

Again, these are the same videos that got approved on Udemy*.
Component 2 - $ 500.00 Value
40 Pgs Print Ready Headline Swiss-Knife Guide with PLR
You get the 40-page "print ready" PDF (in case your clients prefer to hold the material in their hands) with Private Label Rights. I made sure that the formatting is of respectable quality so your customers have a satisfying time consuming the material.

Unlike most other Private Label products out there on the same topic, Headline Swiss-Knife Method was made by someone who makes a living by creating "Ads" in the real world.

This means you can feel assured your name is also protected with the products you sell (in terms of quality).

While you can resell the PDF as is - you can also edit the MSWord format you get. With the PLR license, you can re-title & put your name as the author - even print into a physical book and keep all the money you make.
Component 3 - $ 300.00 Value
11 Track Headline Swiss-Knife Audio Version with PLR
This is the audio version of the videos... perfect if your customers are on-the-go. Just by adding this, you pump up your product's value.

Again, we've divided the audio files into easy to digest chunks... so, finding where you left of becomes easier. There are eleven audio mp3 files in all, over 60mins total playing time.

They're also downloadable so you can put them in your mp3 player, burn in a CD, and listen to them whenever, wherever you like, even offline.
Component 4 - $ 70.00 Value
Headline Swiss-Knife Method Mind Map with PLR
You also get a beautifully created Mind Map outlining the entire program. This is something that can make your "offer" standout from the crowd.

This "visual aid summary of the entire course" gives a bird’s eye view on the topic, so that learning is reinforced and retained - something your customers will surely appreciate.

Simply adding this mind map boosts the value of your offer... giving you the chance to make more money out of your conversions.
Component 5 - $ 70.00 Value
Headline Swiss-Knife Method Wallet/Cheat Sheet with PLR
Retention of what's in this course is very important to us... because I know that is important to you, and your clients.

So, in addition to this full series, you also get a ready to print "cheat sheet" that you can put in your wallet.

This visual aid gives a quick "memory jog" on the topic, so that your clients remember the eight parts of a powerful headline with a snap of a finger --- they will surely love you for this.

This is a unique addition to your already buffed up offer. Value, value, value overload.
Component 6 - $ 90.00 Value
License Packs
Knowing what you (and your customers) can and can't do with the product you have can be confusing.

So, I'm including these License Packs where you get "private label rights certificate", "re-sell rights license certificate", and "personal use certificate".

All these for your convenience, for instances where you want to pass the allowable rights (from the raw PLR pack, and your own edited version or product) to your customers, too.
Component 7 - $ 100.00 Value
Seven-Piece 'FB Viral Quotes' Set with PLR
Wanna promote on Facebook in a cool, viral way?

We've just made that easier for you, because in this PLR package, you get a collection of wonderful quotes about headlines --- in high definition images and in "plain notepad file" (...so you have a hassle free copy + paste capability, just in case).

You can use these as marketing tools to help you sell easier... to help you get your message across. So that you add value to the world, and eventually get rewarded by loyal following customers.

Get inspired, intrigued, and amused by some of the world's best advertising masters' thoughts about the topic. Learning while earning has never been this fun!
Component 8 - $ 250.00 Value
Professional Product Graphics Set w/ PSD
Like I've said, the product can stand alone and can be sold as-is... but in to order make the most out of any PLR products, you want to do some re-branding.

That can be a bit difficult without the right tools - so I'm providing you with the graphics source files (to the flat cover designs) and website graphics.

Edit the PSD files in Adobe Photoshop or use GIMP (free software... you can Google it). Re-title, add your name, URL, change the colors… do what you please, then sell & make money.
Component 9 - $ 220.00 Value
PowerPoint Slides, (254pgs +45pgs) clean, fully editable slides, PLR
These are the slides for the main (254pgs) and bonus (45pgs) modules. You can use them for the easy customization of the core product videos.

You can also use them as slides for your next LIVE seminar, then ...as printed hand outs for that seminar... or edit and turn into beautiful "cue cards," or enhance and turn into a PDF giveaway... it's up to you.

A little imagination, and you're on your way.

I've included this in your pack so you can create additional value for your offer, so that your offer becomes more enticing... therefore increasing your chances of better conversions, earning you more "moolahs", and enabling you to have a better financial standing (like start chipping off those pesky debts).
Component 10 - $ 180.00 Value
Multiple Sized Banner Ads, editable PSD, PLR, ok for affiliates' use
The reason I added this to your package is to help you in your marketing efforts.

You can use these banners for your own promotions, or let your affiliates use them... your choice.

Even more, you can use these as bonus to your offer... as editable "banner templates".

Again, all to add value to your business... so you attract more customers, and get good figures on your ROI's (...and travel perhaps... you know it's possible, right?).
Component 11 - $ 770.00 Value
Done-for-You Killer Sales Page, Editable html
Writing a sales page is one of the most challenging (and expensive) parts of setting up an online business. But you don't have to get stressed out by this.

You get a 'real' sales page that sells for you 24/7 - all year round. This comes loaded with graphics and important 'sales letter' shenanigans.

You'd normally pay for $500 (on the low end) to have someone write your sales letter... but today, you get a sales letter drafted by a real-world copywriter.

Imagine the money and time you're actually saving just because of this component --- you should be smiling right now.

Just sprinkle some attitude, stir in a little personality for better conversions... or upload the sales page "as-is" if you wish.
Component 12 - $ 200.00 Value
Done-for-You Killer Sales Video, White label
"Watch the sales video sample here"
Producing a sales video is expensive, confusing, and time consuming. But today, I'm going to give you one --- totally done for you and ready to sell.

You get a sales video that works for you every second of the day, for the rest of the year.

You also get the PowerPoint slides so you can edit and re-record on your own voice (for better branding)... therefore increasing your chances to convert more.

You'd normally pay a big amount to get a sales video done for you. But today, you can save your money because I've drafted and produced one for you.

Now, you can have an easier time selling this product, giving you the power to earn more... set yourself in a better financial path, finally win your time back and enjoy life.
That's a Total Massive Value of
$ 3,197.00
But you don't have to pay this amount.
Not even half... or half of half.
(...or even half of half of half for that matter)

You can get everything, and start doing business immediately
(so you can make money ASAP)
"...for the price of burger and fries."
[PLR] Headline Swiss-Knife Method
Important: This is a Dimesale
Price increases by $0.10 with every sale
Now is the perfect time to invest, while the price is low
By now, you realize you're getting so much amazingness, right? I wouldn't be surprised if you asked...
Why is this PLR package way, way, way inexpensive?
Though it may sound cliche, my reason comes from a personal experience...

At twenty-three, I found myself about quarter of a million peso in debt... desperate, and poorer than the beggars on the street. And to cut the long story short --- it was marketing that saved me.

So yeah, I know how it feels to be the small guy, deep in debt, responsibilities piling up, & prying eyes upon every move you make...

And that's, more or less, why I've turned this supposedly personal product... into a PLR pack, at a very low price... to pay-it-forward... marking my very first personal launch (most time in my marketing career, I've worked for others... and helped them make more money, lol).

Anyway, let's take a look at something more important that matters to you on a deeper level...
How investing in this PLR pack contributes to your happiness (...and life of awesomeness)
Imagine the time and effort you save from skipping the nitty-gritty of product research and production... so you can spend more time with the important things in your business - like marketing, networking, and "actually having fun".

Now, you can earn more with less work from your would-be customers... so you increase your personal savings, slash off debt (if applicable), or simply pay for your next beautiful family dinner or trip.

When you're ready for success, you can't go wrong with Headline Swiss-Knife Method (PLR Pack) --- simply put, it brings out the best in yourself and your customers. To illustrate, let me show you...
Important: This is a Dimesale
Section One
This section covers your bases.

Everything is included here so you can save time and energy going thru the materials... ultimately making the principles you encounter become fun and easy to remember.

Discover things starting from what 'benefits' you get from powerful headlines, up to who says what about the subject, and more.

Video 1

Intro & Undeniable Importance of Headlines to You

Video 2

Headline as Your Complete Dish & Elevator Pitch

Video 3

How to Make Headline Swiss-Knife Method Work for You
You're also introduced to a metaphor that makes diving into the heart and soul of a winning headline a refreshing ride ---

Of course, a real good meaning course wouldn't be complete without giving you tips on how to make the technique work for you... so we've included this in Section I, too.

Again, everything's included here so you actually get inspired to follow through... get excited, and make the most of your new found skill. And as you keep practicing, you build up your experience level and get make success much easier to reach.

Section Two
This section is the meat of the course - the actual method that grabs people's attention, and strengthens your message...

...prepped up and ready to bring money to your bank account given the right circumstance (so you actually have a "free-er" life, with better choices, and feeling of accomplishment).

You are taken by the hand into the world of the eight 'unique' ingredients that make up electrifying headlines.
VID 10
VID 11
Ingredient One – "FLR"
Ingredient Two – "TEM Triggers"
Ingredient Three – "Packaging"
Ingredient Four - "Kicker"
Ingredient Five – "Action Star"
Ingredient Six – "Security Blanket"
Ingredient Seven – "TLI"
Ingredient Eight – "Poker Joker"
Starting from the revolutionary "FLR" that captures the essence of "what a persons is actually going to buy from you"... up to the mysterious "Poker Joker" that comes in and out of the game.

The names may sound "blind" or "puzzling" if you're taking a view from the outside, but once you become a Headline Swiss-Knife Method initiate, you'll switch from looking at headlines thru "black & white" television to high definition colored TVs.

"Headline Swiss-Knife Method" as a course is...
An easy to understand step-by-step method
With newbie friendly techniques & delivery
A tried and proven blueprint
Useful even for experienced 'advertising people'
Never before seen method of teaching headlines
And a system backed by classic advertising principles
Why Are So Many Marketers Using
Headline Swiss-Knife Method?
It's given - Headline Swiss-Knife Method sits on proven principles dating from the time of the master ads men. But what makes it exciting is how you're actually walked by the hand in acquiring this life-changing trick. It's taught in a way that 'sticks'. Here are some other benefits you and your customers can get from it:.

Saves You Time
...by narrowing down the parts of a head turning headline to eight. So you have a focused, systematic way of creating your headline.

Saves You Money
...by making sure that the headlines you create sit on time tested principles, you have better chances of coming up with a winner.

Saves You Energy
...by helping you systematize your headline creation process. There's nothing more tiring than running around clueless & aimless.

It's Fun to Use
...by actually being shared in a 'unique & fresh' manner. So you easily remember & use the tricks introduced to you by this method.
Important: This is a Dimesale
Price increases by $0.01 with every sale
Now is the perfect time to invest, while the price is low
You can get online and open for business within the day...
3 Easy Steps to Profits

Step 1: Download

Simply download the files in our easy to navigate, user-friendly product page

Step 2: Edit

Optional: Insert your name, re-brand, add whatever you need to add (like autoresponder codes, links, etc)

Step 3: Upload & Sell

Upload to your hosting, sell and start cashing in
But of course... We're not done with giving your benefits after benefits, and value after value yet.
Get your copy of Headline Swiss-Knife Method PLR License and get these...
BONUS 1 - $ 197.00 Value
LIVE Q & A Superstarter Session
I have a simple motto - that is "I'm here to make your entrep life easier and better".

So, a week after the launch, I'd be jumping on a live group webinar with you. You can ask questions... and I think the exchange of ideas would be awesome.

Simply look out for a message in your email inbox (after you grab a copy of PLR License for Headline Swiss-Knife Method, you will be added to our mailing list so you get notified) with the invitation to your free group webinar with me, along with special bonus announcements and the likes.
Important: This is a Dimesale
"Entry to an Exclusive Facebook Group"
If you want to get in touch with me thru an exclusive group, you'd want to be inside our Facebook Mastermind Group.

As a member, you'll be surrounded by like-minded people. Network, ask questions, meet friends and grow together.

As soon as you invest in Headline Swiss-Knife Method (PLR Pack), you'll be sent an invitation to join our "closed" FB group. See you inside!

Warning: I can be a little crazy in there... in a good way.
BONUS 3 - $ 67.00 Value
"Core Topic Bonus Chapter"
This bonus chapter just does what it says on the title --- it gives you "10 Tips to Put Headline Swiss-Knife Method on Steroids".

You can easily double, or triple the effectiveness of your headline by applying some of the tips mentioned in this bonus guide.

You can use this as an unannounced bonus and pump up the after sales experience of your customers (so that you build influence every step of the way... making you the go-to guy when people need help with solving problems).
Try Headline Swiss-Knife Method (PLR License) for 30-Days Risk Free

I'm confident you will absolutely love Headline Swiss-Knife Method (PLR Package) that I'm offering a full 30-Day, money-back guarantee. We take all the risk so you don’t have to…

I'm holding a live webinar a week after the end of this product's launch. In the week prior, you can send in your questions to a special link (that will only be given to customers). You can ask anything that's related to the product. You'll also be invited to our FB Group where we can interact with the other members. And if I really can't help you, and you show you did your part reasonably, then you'll have a hassle free refund. Easy as pie.
As a Reminder...
Get Headline Swiss-Knife Method (PLR License) Now for $67 Just
Secure Your Copy and Add Extra Streams of Income Today…
One-Time Only Payment – Includes Private Label Rights
[PLR] Headline Swiss-Knife Method
Important: This is a Dimesale
Price increases by $0.10 with every sale
Now is the perfect time to invest, while the price is low
It's your turn... I've done my part.

I've created a product you can turn into an income stream... and you can take advantage of the very low (super sale) price today.

Imagine yourself laying the building blocks of your business... expanding it, along with your authority and expertise.

Each of these adding up to your chances to advance, get better at things, at life, and reach success...

...so you have a happier, fulfilling life.

If you don't have a product of your own yet (or if you simply want to add another income stream to your existing product lines) --- Headline Swiss-Knife Method (PLR License) is perfect for you.

It's your turn to act now.

Click that order button and see you on the next page.
Dexter Paglinawan
Changing diapers for my two little angels,
And helping you have an easier & better entrep life,
from way up high RP's City of Pines

P.S. You can own Headline Swiss-Knife Method (PLR Pack)... an offer with value PLR License of $3,197.00... together with all the bonuses... for a mere $19.95.

That is a truly incredible deal, considering the significant difference it'll make to your success.

You will be hard-pressed to find a more valuable resource. Don't get left behind. Put your name on this product and sell as your own --- before your competitor does. Click the order button above or below this page now.

P.P.S. This is a product in a TRUE EVERGREEN topic. And like I've explained above, this PLR pack has a "larger" potential market base compared to any tech, social media, or even generic subjects like online list building and internet marketing.

In the long run, Headline Swiss-Knife Method will outlive the shelf-life of the other topics mentioned. This means you can be making money from this PLR pack even for the coming 10 years... and if you do your part correctly, gain an ROI of 1000% or more.

So, do yourself a favor and grab this offer now while the price is ridiculously, stupidly low.

P.P.P.S. Like I've said above --- the deal here is simple: I'll give you a true high quality, well-thought of product that you can re-brand, or sell 'as-is' keeping 100% of the profit...

This is your chance to make money off of one of my most highly prized intellectual possessions... for a measly low price of $ 19.95. But you have to act fast because this is on a dimesale. Every sale made raises the current price, so get it now while the price is still low.

BTW, did I mention 'like it' or 'you get your money back'?

PLR Rights Included:

[YES] Can be edited as you please
[YES] Can be packaged or bundled with other products
[YES] Can be spun
[YES] Can write name as the author upon re-titling
[YES] Can be added to paid membership site
[YES] Can be added to your coaching program
[YES] Can be used for product creation

To protect your interest and investement…

[NO] Can sell Resale Rights
[NO] Can sell Master Resale Rights
[NO] Can sell Private Label Rights
[NO] Can be offered through auction sites
[NO] Can be sold on other resale site
[NO] Can be given away in PLR format
Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

How do you get the product after purchase?
Upon purchase, you will be redirected to a download page or members only page where you can access your product. You can watch the videos there or download everything for your leisurely consumption. To make money from this, simply 1) Download, 2) Edit, 3) Upload and Sell.

How much do you save by investing today?
If you went on to create your own product, you'd probably spend at least $ 1,000.00 (this price is even for the low end). For a PLR product, this could regularly sell for $ 47 or more. If you purchase now, you are saving about $40. But again, if you purchase today.

Is this a get rich quick solution?
Though I wish I can create something like that for you, I can only put it how the saying goes --- "A sword is only as good, or as evil, as its user. In good hands it defends the helpless and brings justice. In evil hands it leaves a swath of despair and suffering. The same goes for..." --- well you get the idea. But know that I've done my best to give you real value in this PLR package. Sell a copy tonight and you've got your investment back.

Why is this so inexpensive?
Don't be deceived because this product is priced way too low. For the amount of time, money and effort this could save you, this product could easily sell for $ 127... or even $ 167, heck maybe even more. But as my 7th year anniversary and "first ever JVZoo product launch" celebration super sale... I'm making this available to you for $ 19.95 only.

Who is this PLR Pack for?
This is for anyone who wants to make money online or offline, add value to an existing business or offer, but may not have the luxury of time, or deep funds to create a product. Also for people who don't love to write, and would rather be a "content publisher" who takes 100% of the profit.

Can I get in touch with you in case I need help setting this up?
Yes, of course. You'll be invited to 1) an exclusive FB group where you can ask me & fellow customers about your issue, 2) an exclusive live webinar where, again, we answer questions to help you move forward.
[PLR] Headline Swiss-Knife Method
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